Sexy. Bold. Bright.

That’s your essence. You embody confidence and you want fashion that matches that energy. You dream of days looking over a cerulean blue ocean and nights dancing under the moon. You’re a woman of many lands who moves from place to place like the spring breeze. Good food, high-quality fabrics, and traveling first class are the things that make you feel excited and good about your life.

The extra cherry on top is having a style that matches the energy you bring. A sort of style that isn’t afraid to be elegant, loud, and bright. A style that wants the mystery, sensuality, and attention. There are those who wear clothes and then there are those who wear art. Khirzad Femme isn’t for the meek. It’s for the woman who is ready to take up space and engage with all the parts of her soul. It’s for the seeker of expression, glamour, and life.

Nilofar Khirzad designed the styles featured throughout Khizad Femme for women who are not afraid to be noticed when she enters a room and knows her power as an individual. Khizad Femme are for the traveler that drums to her own beat and thrives on being able to express herself creatively. A woman who is confident in her sensual nature and wants something bold to set the right mood when she goes out.

Khirzad is an independent woman who through her boutique and fashion has been able to express so many unspoken parts of herself. She was determined to live a life by her own rules and in turn created Khizad Femme for other women to be able to express their true selves in the fullest way. For those who dare to be bold, confident, bright, and sexy, there is always a place at Khirzad Femme.