It's Always Summer at Femme

Why do we always lean towards the constant excuse:

"I need to be on vacation to wear that" or " I only dress up when I travel".

At Khirzad Femme, you are always on vacation.

Here at Femme, many have asked and inquired about a winter collection in store, and although we understand that we are in the middle of winter, despite it never reaching below zero, we would much rather reminisce about our European vacations, basking in the sun with a spritz in ones hand, seaside on the Amalfi Coast.

Because, at times, all we really want and need, is a small escape from our reality.

Our store, at its essence, provides to you our customer, that very same experience. The bold and lively music that is synonymous with Europe is played throughout our day , the bright colors encapsulate you as arrive, and the slight note of espresso on tap transports you to a tiny little café in Positano.

People often use "la dolce vita" or the "dolce vita" to mean a life that is full of pleasure and luxury, here at Femme, we encompass both within our debut collection "Dolce Vita" - a collection that is full of color, sophistication, sexiness and a collection that was inspired deeply by a European lifestyle.

Dolce Vita, is not only a phrase here at Femme, but a way of life.

Amongst her global travels, designer and owner, Nilofar Khirzad has often looked to her times in Mexico for inspiration.

The Tulum Collection, a collection of vivid, printed and bold pieces, introduces both existing silhouettes in new prints and colors, as well as new silhouettes that only further enhance the feminine physique.

The Tulum collection is sensual, playful and sure to make any head turn when seen in a room.

Ultimately all we are trying to say is...

It must be summer somewhere, right?


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