N I L O F A R   K H I R Z A D

Nilofar Khirzad is the Founder and Creative Director of eponymous luxury brands
KHIRZAD and KHIRZAD FEMME. Born in Afghanistan, Nilofar Khirzad and her
family packed all of their belongings and fled the Taliban-lead war without a word
of English at the tender age of 5, migrating to Perth, Western Australia.

It was during the COVID pandemic that Khirzad found herself dreaming of long
summers in Europe and romanticising its cool exotic charm. This inspired the
launch of the KHIRZAD’s sister label, KHIRZAD FEMME, an evolutionary step
forward for the house. Female power dressing, where sensuality meets
sophistication through her signature bold silks and exaggerated silhouettes. The
brand was an overnight success and cultivated an international celebrity cult-like following.

Khirzad promises it is time to take the brand to those who love maximalism, to go
global and to always stay true to its authentic self. Because KHIRZAD is not
just a fashion brand, it is a livin’ la vida loca lifestyle, a coming together of
fashion culture and music. And according to Nilofar Khirzad, she is only just
getting started.

Per favore signore, turn the music up.