khirzad femme



LA SOLA Detachable Skirt

Black - Also available in any of the existing Solaro fabrics

One size fits all

100% Bamboo Silk

This intense glamour piece was designed to add to your existing Femme wardrobe, creating an intense WOW factor. The long exaggerated piece is easily put on as one size fits all. The adjusting thick waist tie allows you to have full control on where and how you would like to wear it, allowing for multi purpose wear.

In the images below we have paired this garment with 

Solaro Dress Short , Black

JG Jacket Dress, Black

Nilo Flare Pants, Tiger & Tulum Feather Wrap, Black

This Item is currently on Pre-order. Once payment and size is confirmed, your garment will be produced and shipped out to you. Please allow a 2, 2-5 week overall time frame for this piece to get to your door.

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