Khirzad Femme

Nilo dress 1.0 Liquid Blue


Nilo dress 1.0

Colour liquid blue 

Fabric composition: 

Silk, Viscose, Nylon 

The Nilo dress 1.0 is an iconic stand out in the NILO COLLECTION. it is named after the designer herself, Nilofar khirzad. This range embodies Nilofar's personal style and was designed for her European summer vacation.

The Nilo dress is ultra chic, sophisticated and an elegant piece. The strong lines across the shoulders, paired with soft draping across the front of the dress makes for the perfect combination. The dress has clipped buttons to synch in the waist for a more snatched look

This dress is a mini dress. if you require any changes to the length, please advise via email before making a purchase so we can treat that as a custom order. Extra fees will apply.

The fabric is a sheer effect that flows comfortably with your body, it is the perfect summer outfit as its super breathable and sexy. 

You can wear this with a bra or without. 

Model is wearing a size XS

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